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Life and Soul Coaching

    by Ellen Rich


The Process

Change is the operative word for our world today.  Your life, passions, expectations and happiness may have shifted.  Life and Soul Coaching can help you discover your own answers to freedom.

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Why Life and Soul Coaching with Ellen Rich?

Closing the Gap

Ellen has had over 40 years professional and personal experience dealing with the difficulties and changes in life.  Her expertise includes:
1. Formal Education (BA, Masters)
2. Additional Courses (Life Coaching, shamanic healing, Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction)
3. Cognitive behavioral training
4.  Psychoanalysis
5.  Mental Illness and Suicide Prevention
6.  Addiction
7. Meditation
8. Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction


 Group Sessions

Get feedback from others who are struggling with issues such as mental health, addiction, abuse, and new life choices.

So many of the struggles in life stem from early programming by the environment or genetics.  Learn to undo this programming that in part stems from our reptilian brain (fight, flight or freeze).  As we have evolved as a species, our brain keeps adding new features and functions.  In panic, fear, survival, these will be subsumed by our old brain functions.

1-on-1 Sessions

Learn how to relax your "stuck" points

Understanding Personal and Spiritual growth through the coaching process may help overcome current life struggles. Life coaching can help you focus on one issue at a time and facilitate you generating your own solutions.


All sessions 50 minutes.

1-on-1 Coaching (3 sessions)     $225

1-on-1 Coaching (1 session )       $ 90

Group Coaching (6 sessions)    $120

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